About Us

At Boho-Belle Emporium our core values are not written on the walls but they are etched in our hearts: Intention, beautiful art & design, growth and integrity. We will never “arrive” but we are wholeheartedly devoted to the journey, to ourselves and other women in sisterhood.

While this is an online store, we will have a community opening soon for empowerment of other like-minded individuals and already have a Facebook and Google Boho-Belle Page. We desire to serve our customers because we stand for love, art and freedom. It starts now. It starts with Boho-Belle as a business, a philosophy, ideal, vision and a solid unwavering aim to practice the values we believe so strongly in in our business environment, following that our Boho-Belle Community.

We have created Boho-Belle Emporium out of pure, relentless passion and vision for this passionate subculture. I Am Boho-Belle and when this awareness came to me fully I understood then how many Boho-Belle’s there are out there that need this online store, community and social media in an alternative context.

We have a strong desire to empower and support other women, mainly because I, myself as a Boho chic have been hated, criticised, had jealousy from other women to a level that both saddened and surprised me greatly. I feel through this avenue I can help myself and others to change the way we interact and support and empower our sisters, because confident women don’t hate.

Bohemians as a general rule don’t place too much value on having a whole lot of money, as a business we aim to serve you in the least expensive way we possibly can, with honesty and transparency and a passion for every single customer who walks through those E-doors whether they buy an item or not.

This is a movement. A Bohemian Movement. This is a Bohemian Revolution!

This is the technology age and the technology is getting more advanced by the day. Hence our online store Boho-Belle Emporium is where it’s at.

People are moving towards the online networking platform by the masses, we are helping people create their brands, build their business and change their lives.

We aren’t creating stuff to pollute the environment. We aren’t salesmen. We are “freedom-preneurs”. People around the world are making a living by doing what they are passionate about. We are actually lucky enough to be waking up every day with a mission and a purpose and that is what is so wonderful about what we are doing.

We are changing the way the Bohemian Lifers are defined. There are whole tribes of people out there who fit into this lifestyle and enjoy a life of freedom and love (not to be confused with the traditional free-love lifestyle).

Come, enjoy the finest in all things Bohemian at the Boho-Belle Emporium. Join our movement and help us create the revolution that has been bubbling just under the surface, ready to rise up and change this world, one person at a time…

Much love, loyalty and respect

Boho-Belle Emporium